My goal

So, my close range goal is to try out unity and see how it works, since i’ve never used it before. My long range goal is within the next couple years to make a decent game. I would like to make a bullet hell mmo game or a fps game.

Step 1. learn how to use unity

Step 2. do simple stuff in unity

Step 3. Create a simple game in unity

Step 4. Eat

Step 5.Learn how to make more complex stuff

Step 6. make a more complex game

Step 7. Let people try the game out and see their opinions and adjust the game according to how they think of it and what their ideas are.

Step 8. Sleep

Goals/Steps in the process

Long Term Goal: Build an app with a GPS that helps new kids/freshmen get to their classes in Kennedy quickly without getting lost.

Short Term Goal: Build a simple app and figure out how to work with the GPS and beacon.

Current steps:

  1. Figure out and get comfortable with using android studio.
  2. Make a simple (not overly complex) app in android studio.
  3. Refine app over time until it’s where I want to to be.
  4. Figure out how to connect my beacon to the app I created on android studio.
  5. Buy multiple beacons and set them all over the school at specified distances so they can properly tell where you are in the school.
  6. Test app out before putting it on app store and make sure that all the beacons are working properly.
  7. Make a schedule based on the beacons battery power span to check if the batteries need to be replaced or if one of them isn’t working.

Long & Short Term Goals

Long Term: Creating a puzzle platforming web game–Something in design with grabbing a key and bringing it to a door (Think of games like ‘Limbo’). Or a platforming shooting (Think of games like ‘Megaman’ or ‘Cave Story’).

Short Term: Making a shape able to move one way or another with the arrow keys. Assuming the shape is a square and the square is the character which you play.

  • After figuring out how to move one way or another with the arrow then…
  • Try figuring out how to jump. To be more specific: make a character fall after rising with the space button.

In no particular order below.

  • Next figure how out to create an ‘advance to the next stage’ code.
  • Create an enemy that would force you to restart an level, yet not restart the entire game entirely.

Additional things to try learning after the above.

  • If going the platforming shooter route than try to make a way to erase an enemy once shot.
  • Create a health system.