How To Get Free Hosting w/ WordPress -Nguyen

Step 1) Type “” Into The Browser [those are zeros, not the letter – o”

Step 2) Follow The Sign Up Tutorial

Step 3) Verify Email Address

Step 4) Installing WordPress

Step 5) Login to WordPress with your username and password for WordPress

And Now You Have WordPress To Use

Second Game Beta

Space Build 3

This is my second space build.

Controls are the left, right, and up arrows

Keep in mind that this is a puzzle game, so the exit may be hard to get to.

Also there are no deaths, respawns, or exits as of now because I am currently working on them.


  • What do you think about the new stability of the game, and animations?
  • How could I make the game a bit more fluid besides an intro screen and tutorial?
  • What was the hardest thing about the room?
  • Was it to hard to figure out for a first attempt?



Adventures of The Boy: Summary and Survey

The Adventures of The Boy

Hello, world. If you could take a moment out of your day to play and rate the animation for this game, I would appreciate it. Alt + Tab to leave the game. The Boy is the player, a pink axolotl. You will use the arrow keys to move him. The Friend is a follower, the blue axolotl, he will do his best to keep up.