How To Create A Website From WordPress

This is a tutorial on how to create a website without all the code hassle. This is all graphical and doesn’t involve code!

  1. Go-to
  2. Click “Get Started” On the top right
  3. Pick the type of website you would like
  4. Choose a theme for your new website
  5. Pick a thoughtful name for your new website (It will appear as (www.”website” unless you buy your own domain through go daddy for even word press.
  6. Select a plan or choose free
  7. Create Your account for WordPress now (make sure you choose a password that is well memorable and secure)
  8. Personalize your website buy following the guide
  9. Boom enjoy your brand new website

How To Create a Simple Website Using Bootstrap and HTML

I have been researching and creating a website using bootstrap and HTML inside PHPStorm. In this tutorial, I will be explaining to you how to implement Bootstrap and HTML to create a main page and side pages and be able to navigate back and forth. Here are the steps….

  1. Find a basic bootstrap template, which you can find at this link here:
  2. Use a combination of <div>, <nav>, <body>, <head>, and <html> to create the main layout of the page to where you can input information to your liking.
  3. Using this code, input your header (picture of code and page will be shown at end) and subheaders.
  4. Once you’ve done this, name your header and subheaders in the <li>/href= portion of the code.
  5. To be able to navigate from page to page, you need to be sure that your href for that header/subheader is the same on every HTML file you are working on.

Once you get this done, you can enter in your information