ISU’s Cyberdefence Materials

  1. Follow the tutorials here ( to set up your own virtual machine.
    1. You’ll need the school username of: school30 (sometimes
    2. Our password: RtWT25KPet
    3. You’ll very likely need help along the way
    4. 2c) click disable and click on any of the hosts before going to the next step
    5. 2d) Linux –> Debian 7
    6. 2f) Thin provision
  2. Choose one of the top few security tools here:
  3. Find a tutorial for how to install and use it
  4. Play with it. (Use it safely and responsibly – without hacking any real people doing real things online.)
  5. Reflect on what you’re learning.
  6. Repeat 2-5 until you’re ready to try something new!