Web Design and Development

Written by David Becker, edited by Leif Segen

If you are interested in either web design or web development and creating websites then there are some things you will eventually need to learn.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. PHP

You’ll start with the first one and go down the list. You can get a good start at CodeCademy. Head over there, make an account, and start with their Make a Website course. Also, freeCodeCamp.com is excellent.

Maybe you don’t want to develop websites, there is also a need for people who design the website, how it looks, how the user interacts with it. Design some website layouts and maybe partner with a student interested in the development side of websites who can help make your design come to life.

Design vs. Development: What’s the difference?

If making a website is like making a house, then…

  • Web Design is:
    • Making the house pleasant to be in
    • Planning the layout of a house
    • Decorating a room
    • Arranging the furniture
  • Web Development:
    • Building the house
    • Installing the plumbing and electricity
    • Fixing a hole in the wall after a tree falls in