How to Create a Video in Shotcut

How to Create a Video in Shotcut


If you are wanting to create a video in Shotcut, then you should read this article.

The first thing you want to do is OPEN Shotcut and click TIMELINE and FILTERS.

Next, INSERT any photos and/or video clips that you want by clicking OPEN FILE, and select your clips. From there, you are able to drag them into your TIMELINE below.

You can add filters, text, and many more tings from here by entering the FILTERS tab and selecting what you want.Next, you can ADD AN AUDIO TRACK to your video by following the image below. Then you can TRIM your audio track to fit the length of your video.

Lastly, you can publish you video or export the video to finish it. Now you’ve created your first video in Shotcut!






How to Create a Informational Website

Today you will learn the basics of making a interesting website in just three steps.

Step 1: Create a outline for the website and gather some info and put it into a word document for safe keeping.

Step 2: Use the outline to work from and make positive changes to your final draft.

Step 3: Make surveys and ask people to revise your website. Post to a site where you will get the attention you need to make your website pop.

How To Add a Object in Unity 2D

Starting out in Unity is probably one of the most difficult parts of learning. After you make the base of your game creating objects is much easier, but requires a little work. I’ll show you how to create a little box to stand on, and interact with.

Step 1

First to start just hit the Game Object Button. A drop down menu will appear then hit Create Empty.

Step 2

Once created click on the object and view it in inspector. Then hit the big button called Add Component. You can add different components using the search bar or looking in the different categories. Add Sprite Renderer, and Box Collider 2D.

Step 3

Now you can either add a single picture of the block, or you can use a sheet of lots of sprites and add it to the object that way. The easier way to go if you only need 1 or 2 sprites is the first method, but if you are going to have about more than 4 sprites you should probably use a sprite sheet. I’m going to use a sprite sheet in this tutorial. First after you put your image in Unity select it then hit the Inspector button.

In that menu you’ll find another button that says Sprite Editor. Click on it. You’ll see a bigger version of the picture. Click and drag over the sprite you want to use, and then you can rename
it if you want.

Step 4

By the way if you want you can name your object to ground or something. Anyways once select your sprite from the sprite sheet.

Then drag this to your objects Sprite Renderer. That was a lot of work to add a little sprite.

Step 5

Finally! It is done! Now you can jump all over your white little block. Have fun!


how to make a video addressing a certain issue

  1. Gather your facts for the issue you are addressing for example since I will be talking about world hunger I will do a google search for world hunger facts or statistics.
  2. Next you should open a blank document and find some facts and copy them on to the document But BE AWARE THAT YOU CANT COPY IT EXACTLY UNLESS YOU GIVE CREDIT TO THE SOURCE BY CITING IT easy bib is a free and easy way to do this.
  3. Then you go to and download it so you can record what is on the screen.
  4. Now open up a powerpoint so you can put the facts in it.

How to Export Music from LMMS Portable and Upload it to SoundCloud

  1. Click the 6th Icon on Top Row of the UI

This icon will be marked with a music note on a sheet of paper.

2. Choose Where You Want to Save the Song

Select a location, such as a USB, where you can easily find your song.

3. Edit your Settings if Nessesary

Make sure the file format is WAV.

4. Go to SoundCloud and Click Upload

If you do not have a SoundCloud account, all you need to do is click “Create Account” on the top of the screen.

5. Click “Choose File to Upload” and Fill out the Information

In a few seconds, your song will be uploaded to the website.

How to Cut in Shotcut

How to cut in shot cut

Why would you need to edit in Shot cut? Well it’s simple without cuts your video would be too long. This tutorial is very simple and easy to understand.

If you are wishing to trim your video click the bar and drag to trim. or to make longer if already trimmed.

Put your marker tool at the point of the video you want to cut. Make sure you spilt at play head by right clicking on the area.

Once you have completed these steps you are good to go for cutting in shot cut. Once you have completed these steps you can keep editing and trimming your video.PIC