How To Create Character Classes in Unity


If you want to create a character classes for a game than this might help.

First: Create a script for just a base player. In this script you will create your skills and stats for all characters. Lines 10-14 are the stat names and you can call them what you like. Ignore the XP stuff, because it does not affect the class. This script is specifically tied to the player

Second: Create a script for the base of all classes. Copy and paste what you made into this script.  This script sets up the stats, name, etc. (note: the class name and description says protected you can put it as public.)

Third: Create the script for your class. Here you will assign your stats to numbers, name and description for the class. Everything in here is what you will see in the game.

How to prevent hacking

Hacking is a problem in today’s world that’s full of computers and devices that can be manipulated fairly easily. I have compiled a list of steps you can take to secure your devices and protect your information and data from being accessed and stolen.

Keep a lock on it

  1. Keep a lock on all devices. One of the biggest rookie mistakes you could make is allowing your data to be seen by anyone who gets their hands on your phone or computer. Having a simple, 6 digit code has over a million combinations of characters.


  2. Make sure your system is up to date. Having and using old software is easily hacked because it has vulnerabilities and outdated programs that were fixed in new versions.
  • Note: Updates may not always make your system more secure. Doing research on new updates to see what they do and what they fix may be a good idea.

Firewalls, anti-virus, and other security

  1. Up-to-date antivirus, anti-malware software, anti-spyware, and a firewall are great and necessary tools to keep your system safe. These make devices much harder to crack and break in to.

Don’t trust it

  1. Do NOT use open Wi-Fi sources unless you absolutely know they are safe. Hackers can have many tools and some of these tools can make you think you are doing something innocent and safe, when in reality you are being hacked.

Don’t link accounts

  1. It’s best not to link accounts to each other. If you need to sign in on a site, especially if its sketchy and untrusted, its best to not sign in with Facebook or Twitter or any other account. This can lead people to these sites and make it more convenient to break in to your accounts.

Dangers of The Cloud

  1. Keep important data off the cloud. “No matter which way you cut it, data stored on the cloud doesn’t belong to you,” says Jean-Philippe Taggart, Senior Security Researcher at Malwarebytes. It offers little protection and your data could be easily stolen.

Unknown links and emails

  1. Do not open unknown emails or go to links posted on random sites. One of the easiest ways to hack a system is to trick the person into opening a door and letting them in. Don’t trust just anyone that says “This link leads to great things and you’ll maybe even win money.” Chances are, it’ll break your computer or phone.

Switch it up

  1. Changing passwords frequently will reduce your chances of being hacked. Although it may inconvenience you, it can help. Convenience will usually lower security measures. If it’s convenient to you, it’ll most likely be convenient to those trying to steal you data.

Cover your tracks

  1. Clearing browser history is a small thing you can do to make it a little harder for hackers. History monitors where you’ve been for days or maybe weeks. It’s just one more thing that can help.

Mess with the settings

  1. Using privacy settings and is a good thing to do when using any device connected to the internet. It can hide all personal info from people you don’t know and auto clear (or just not save) any passwords or sites you’ve been on.


These are some useful ways to avoid being hacked online. Some things to keep in mind is convenience and security. Convenience will almost always lessen security. Take more safety measures than convenient methods.

How To Get Free Hosting w/ WordPress -Nguyen

Step 1) Type “” Into The Browser [those are zeros, not the letter – o”

Step 2) Follow The Sign Up Tutorial

Step 3) Verify Email Address

Step 4) Installing WordPress

Step 5) Login to WordPress with your username and password for WordPress

And Now You Have WordPress To Use