Goal, Web Dev

Goal: Create a new portfolio website for myself that includes the basic resume things and a platform for me to share the personal projects I’m working on (in blog style). This will be created in stages, by my own design and mobile compatible.

  1. Story board of revamped website, what it will look like and what content it’ll have (By February 6th)
  2. An expandable outline including place succinct resume and social media links (By February 20th)
  3. <<Update after story board is developed into next steps>>
  4. Done by May 1st

Long term objective: be able to have a solid understanding of website design to enable me to create websites for other projects and people who may need them; turn my website into art

This goal will also include

  1. Making a website for my dad’s private practice including forms to download and links to his email.
  2. Update the website of the Family Vacation Location (a rental company with property in Illinois owned by my mom)



I want to get a job working on embedded systems. I can work towards this goal by learning more about more widely used assembly languages such as x86 and ARM, creating a portfolio, and going to college in a relevant field. Some short term goals would be creating a resume with code and any projects I have worked on, and completing/uploading my presentation about writing and calling functions in PPC. What I have left to do for my Presentation is to include slides on pushing and popping registers from the stack and creating loops, and then upload a video.