How To Create A Website From WordPress

This is a tutorial on how to create a website without all the code hassle. This is all graphical and doesn’t involve code!

  1. Go-to
  2. Click “Get Started” On the top right
  3. Pick the type of website you would like
  4. Choose a theme for your new website
  5. Pick a thoughtful name for your new website (It will appear as (www.”website” unless you buy your own domain through go daddy for even word press.
  6. Select a plan or choose free
  7. Create Your account for WordPress now (make sure you choose a password that is well memorable and secure)
  8. Personalize your website buy following the guide
  9. Boom enjoy your brand new website

Second Level in the Space Game

Space Build 5_Data

Second level has been completed and added, along with the first power source you find. You cant pick up as of yet because there isn’t a third level attached to the trigger. The second level itself is a jumping puzzle. Lets see if you can solve it.


What do you think of the improved animations? (Left idle, etc)

What would you suggest I add for puzzles later on in the game?

What do you think of the progression in level design?



How to hyperlink words in HTML

This is a tutorial on how to hyperlink words using HTML.

First, lets start off with a basic statement.

<p> Click here. </p>

Let’s say we want to hyperlink the word “here” so that when users click on the word, they are sent to the link we want them to go to.

We will user the commands <a href = “(insert link)”></a> and put them surrounding the word or words we would like to hyperlink.

Below, I will link the word “here” to my website.

<p> Click <a href = “”> here. </a> </p>

Above is how your code should look in the HTML page. Below is how your words will look in the website.

Click here.

This is how you hyperlink words in HTML. If you have any questions or comments over my tutorial, feel free to ask me! Thank you.

how to make your own cipher or font


that file right there is my cipher font

and you can make one too there are just some things you need to do!


the first step is to making the idea to your cipher or font, make it weird or make it fancy. I’m not you so I would say go with something you like, don’t forget to write it down on a piece of paper.

The second step is to print this out and write in the lines each letter, symbol, and number.

This step is the hardest, you have to scan the picture to make sure that it looks correct. remember this process isn’t perfect so you may lose so symbols or letters in the process.

the final step is to upload it to this site and to both name your font, and pick a setting (honestly i don’t know what the output format means i just went with OTF )

install that new file to your computer and test it out on paint or like a note pad, what ever app has the ability to change the font of texts.

i think this is an amazing thing if you want to type out secret messages or make a story entirely in that font.


How To Use/Setup Tor

This tutorial will teach you how to download and use Tor. Tor is a privacy tool used to stay private on the internet. It works by a process called onion layering where your IP address is hidden from other internet users who could have malicious intents by multiple layers of proxies.

  • Step 1: Download tor. (Alternative download here
  • Step 2: Go through the installation process. (Preferably don’t install on your computer, something like a USB drive would be ideal)
  • Step 3: Locate where Tor has been installed at.
  • Step 4: Run Tor and go through all the prompts. (Be sure to never to maximize the browser)
  • Step 5: For security reasons disable JavaScript by typing about:config in your browser, find javascript.enabled, double-click it so it changes to false.
  • Step 6: Feel free to browse privately and make sure to practice proper internet safety protocols. Also, be aware that you are never completely private on the Tor network.
  • Check out our website:

How to center text in html/css

Using center tags

If you want to center text the most basic way is to use the


and it would go something like this

<center>Center this text</center>

Center this text

But this way is not used anymore it still works but yo should avoid using it

Using a style

The best way to center a little bit of text is doing

<p style="text-align:center;">Center this text</p>

Also Notice how the value of the property “text-align” was set to “center” which indicates that the element is to be centered.

so the text in that will be centered

If you have many sets of text you would like to center, you can use CSS inside <style></style> tags within the head section on the page to declare that every element be centered.

p { text-align:center; }

The text will be centered within every set of <p></p> tags on the page.

Sieger’s tutorial on importing images to unity!!

Hi, my name is Sieger Canney and this is my tutorial on how to import images to unity. I will be using paint images I made but this will also be able to work with google images. We are starting this off assuming that you have already started and made a new project in Unity.

  • Step 1: Find your image. For my project I have been making custom photos from paint and Photoshop but you can use images you find online also.

  • Step 2: Save your image to a place that you know you can find. This is rather simple just make sure you save your image to a safe place that you can find.

  • Step 3: Find you project file. For the next steps you will need to know where you saved your unity project. So make sure you know where it is.
  • Step 4: Open your project and find the asset file. Your asset file is basically a gateway between your PC files and the unity program. Its the easiest way to get assets and materials into your game.
  • Step 4.5(optional): Make a new folder in the asset file. Folders are used for organizing your asset file. They are optional but they really do help with keeping track of your game assets.

  • Step 5: Move your image over. This can be done in many ways. You can copy and paste or just drag it over to the file. Do it whatever way you prefer.

  • Step 6: Your done! You did it your images are in your project. To see them just open your game and click on assets in the bottom right. If you made a folder under the asset folder and put your images in there the images will be in that folder. To get them in the actual game just drag and drop the image to the scene above(the one with the grid by default). Enjoy!


How to Make a 2D Sprite in Unity

Hello, world. In this tutorial I will be describing the steps to making a video game sprite of your very own.

  1. Download a portable version of Inkscape to your file on the c drive  from
  2. Now, this step is extremely important: open Inkscape. 
  3. Next let’s start with the head. Use the circle tool. 
  4. We can edit the head using the Fill and Stroke window. Open this with Shift+Ctrl+F.                                                  
  5. Now let’s make a body. First make a new layer below the head. You can open the Layers window using Shift+Ctrl+L. 
  6. Use the Bezier tool to make a rough shape. It does not have to be perfect, here you can see mine is anything but. 
  7. Using the Edit Path By Nodes tool you can edit the line work. Now it will take the shape you want.                             
  8. If you don’t want the body to have the same style as the head then go ahead and make it however you wish. If you do want it to be the same, first copy the head (Ctrl+C) and then paste the style (Shift+Ctrl+V). 
  9. Using the same tricks you can build up the rest of the sprite, and keep the parts on different layers. You can group shapes together (Ctrl+G) or use the various path options (top ribbon) to form more complex shapes.  
  10. Now that you have your basic sprite, let’s make the sprite sheet. We’re going to make this little guy dance. Copy your sprite a few times. You need to copy the parts separately to keep them on the right layers. 
  11. Edit the parts just a little bit. Move a leg on the second sprite, move it back in the second, etc.                                         
  12. Make sure that the sprites are not touching each other. Highlight the whole sprite and keep the squares from touching or overlapping. 
  13. Export the file as a png (Shift+Ctrl+E). Make sure you are not highlighting anything when you do this. If you open the sprite sheet in images and the background is transparent then you did it right.  
  14. Now open your game in Unity and have the sprite sheet pulled up in the folder. Make sure you have a 2d game. 
  15. Drag the sprite sheet into your empty game object. If you do not have an empty game object, then make one. It’s Ctrl+Shift+N. 
  16. Open the sheet in inspector mode. Make sure it is multiple, not single. 
  17. Open the sprite editor. Slice your sprites. You should now be able to open the sheet and have each sprite individual.  
  18. Set up a animator. Create your Default Layer State. 
  19. Select the sprites and make an animation. Do this by highlighting your sprites, right clicking, hovering over the ‘create’ option, and clicking on the animation option.                           
  20. Once you have your animation, make sure to make it loop. Select your animation, open in inspector mode, and check the loop time box. 
  21. Now that the animation is finished, open your default state in the animator.                                                        
  22. Drag your animation into the motion box. You can edit the speed of the animation just below it.                                
  23. Drag the animator into your game object. 
  24. Make a sprite renderer in your game object. 
  25. Play your game. The sprite should appear and be animated. If it is not, then you did something wrong. It’s okay to cry at this point. There is no shame. Do it. I know you want to.

How to make a basic text-based game in Python

1) Import ‘time.’

It will be used to create a timer for a clear-screen.

This creates a waiting timer, which counts down in milliseconds.

This will clear the screen of all text.

4)Your also going to need to have something to count progress in the game, something as simple as this will do:

Your code will need this, and will add to this to represent furthering the game.

5) Create several directories that represent the possible actions a player can choose from.
For example:

6) Put the entire game within a ‘while’ loop:

This forces the code to continually loop so the game doesn’t crash if a player re-does a previously used command.

7) At the beginning of while the loop, declare the cls(); and create a simple statement:

The ‘cls’ clears the screen, and the newly-created ‘response’ will allow the player to actually make inputs to the game, so it actually becomes a playable game.

8) Create many, many elif (else if) statements. Every elif will represent an action and progress level. The simplest way to have it would be:

9) For displaying text to the user:

10) For progression in a game, under any of the elifs, then place this under the code:

The last three steps will be repeated many times, and will generally line up to make a full story, possibly with extreme amounts of flavor text.